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We have moved..!

to a new location (1 block north).
Please visit us at:

195 Dufferin Avenue, Suite 310
London, ON
N6A 1K7

Tel: (519) 439 -3031 | Fax: 519 439-3540
email address: info@mloebachlaw.com

Operating for over 20 years, with more than 45 years of collective
experience, we have assisted clients in the following areas:          

• Immigration: Canada and United States

• Real Estate

• Small Business

• Family Law

We can offer you services in English, Spanish and
Portuguese with facility in French.

195 Dufferin Ave.    Suite 310    London, Ontario    N6A 3E6

Phone: (519) 439-3031       Fax: (519) 439-3540

E-Mail: info@mloebachlaw.com